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76010Re: [softrock40] Built my Softrock Lite II for the K3 and have a couple of questions

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  • Duncan Clark
    Dec 19, 2013
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      In message <31A025719C4F48A3AAFF1DE82E5069D7@Gigabyte>, Alan
      <alan4alan@...> writes
      >And, more simply, there is Duncan's way although I'm not sure how he
      >copes with a Softrock LO so close to centre.

      I'm about 5KHz away but don't have any issues. My hump at zero is pretty
      much nothing so I can get away with being close. When I am monitory a
      split operation It's always 5 more further up on SSB and maybe 2-5 on CW
      so no problems.

      Duncan Clark
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