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7453Extra SoftRock Lite for 160m

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  • kb9yig
    Dec 1, 2006
      Good Morning All,

      I am continuing to evaluate SoftRock Lite receivers for various
      bands. As I do that I end up with extra built units that can be
      offered for sale. This morning as I type this note I have a 160m
      SoftRock Lite playing nicely on this PC. Center frequency is about
      1.844 MHz and with a soundcard that samples at 96 kHz the bottom 92
      kHz of 160m is covered, from slightly below 1.8 MHz to about 1.892
      MHz. Usual external cables are involved with a stereo audio cable,
      power leads and a short antenna coax attached to the board.

      If anyone would like a built 160m SoftRock Lite, they can have this
      one for $22 by sending me an e-mail at raparks@...

      Thanks and 73,
      Tony KB9YIG
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