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74366Re: [softrock40] Re: heat gun vs embossing tool

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  • Brad Thompson
    Jun 26, 2013
      On 6/26/2013 9:02 PM, Daniel Morgan wrote:
      > Would lead-free solder with rosin core from Radio Shack work building
      > the SoftRock Lite II Combined Kit? I bought this thinking this would
      > work. But, I have been hearing hams say that I should be using lead-tin
      > solder something like 40/60 with

      Hello, Daniel--

      If I were you, I'd use tin/lead solder (typically 63/37) with
      rosin flux and avoid lead-free solder.

      The tin/lead eutectic ratio of 63/37 has the lowest melting point
      of all tin/lead compositions (183C or 361F):


      Lead-free solder melts at higher temperatures, potentially
      exposing components to thermal damage while making component
      removal more difficult and possibly endangering the PC board.

      Here's more info:


      Lead-free solder complies with RoHS requirements, but it's
      not necessary for hobby projects (or IMO for production


      Brad AA1IP
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