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72868Re: V6.2 RX/TX Softrocks..

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  • Pete Ferrand
    Mar 19, 2013
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      Hi, I ran into the problem of finding a version of PowerSDR that would work with my SR 6.2 about a year ago and discovered an answer that I'm happy with. I'm using my 6.2 as the IF of an SSB transceiver for transmitting and receiving and I surely don't want a frequency agile system since it has to stay on the IF to maintain calibration.

      Happily, the version of PowerSDR adapted for the Genesis line of radios will work perfectly with the SoftRock. I just tell it I have the Genesis G3020 or the G40 and those were crystal controlled radios. Genesis has of course moved on to frequency agile units but kept compatibility with the earlier ones. It gets updated every month or three and bugs corrected. It also has acquired a few features not in the old PowerSDR versions, such as the ability to transmit in AM and receive in sideband. It works perfectly with Windows 7. There is voluminous detailed and puzzling documentation of the programs and the various subsystems, such as the CW subsystem, available on line.

      There are some changes from the orignal PSDR in such things as how the keying works that took awhile for me to figure out but that goes with the territory, and it works with VAC and VSP Manager as expected for digital modes. The program may be downloaded at:


      There's a Genesis Yahoo group that has lots of useful info as well. Not sure how the company feels about using the program for SoftRocks, but it has exposed me to the Genesis line and I'd certainly consider one if I were looking for a rig.

      Somers, WI

      >> > I have several V6.2 RX/TX (crystal versions) of soft-rock kits. I finished building the first one and used Rocky to verify that
      >> > the receiver was working.
      >> >
      >> > Since then I have been trying to use PowerSDR (both and 2.4.4) as listed on wb5rvz PowerSDR-IQ ensemble web site :
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