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72857Re: [softrock40] V6.2 RX/TX Softrocks..

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  • prhorne
    Mar 19, 2013
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      On 18/03/2013 22:30, ac4nlac4nl wrote:


      I have several V6.2 RX/TX (crystal versions) of soft-rock kits. I finished building the first one and used Rocky to verify that the receiver was working.

      Since then I have been trying to use PowerSDR (both and 2.4.4) as listed on wb5rvz PowerSDR-IQ ensemble web site : (http://www.wb5rvz.com/sdr/ensemble/psdriq.htm)
      to verify both the receiver and transmitter and attempt to interface to a computer for PTT etc.

      The problem that I have with both versions of PowerSDR is the transmit (MOX) is "always" selected. It does not seem to matter if I install or, do not install, the drivers for the SI570. Can not deselect from transmit.

      I also tried to use PowerSDR-sr40 (version 1913), which I was hoping would work, as it appears to be the version that was originally used with v6.2 soft-rocks. However, this version of PowerSDR will not install with the .net that is used by Windows 7.

      Please, my question is : Can PowerSDR be used with the older V6.2 softrocks running Windows 7 ?

      Thanks for any assistance.


      go to the setup menu, click on the cat conjtrol tab and check that both the CAT control and PTT control buttons are de-selected. PSDR tends to come up with one or other selected as default.
      Peter G3JRH
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