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72620Re: [softrock40] Followup to FInally Done & Filter Question

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  • Patrick Bowen
    Mar 6, 2013
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      On Wed, Mar 6, 2013, at 07:13 PM, richard.lawn@... wrote:
      > As I understand the instructions, parts are provided to build an external
      > filter based on the band combination built, in my case 40/30/20. Is this
      > correct as it seems odd not include this necessary filter on the main
      > board. If I'm understanding this correctly and this filter goes between
      > the antenna and RF input on the main board, I'd appreciate suggestions on
      > how users have built this external filter - perf board or what?
      > Rick
      > W2JAZ

      Manhattan style on small piece of copper clad board -- then stuck in an
      Altoids container (of course!) with connectors on either end. That way I
      can use it for other projects as well.

      Patrick Bowen AC0SR
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