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72592Re: [softrock40] Re: GM3SBC QRO Modifications

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  • Sid Boyce
    Mar 5, 2013
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      Hi Warren,
      Looks like an alternative could be to mount the 4 FET's on a separate larger heatsink with 3 short leads from each pair to the board to address the thermal issue? Ferrite beads on the gates?
      73 ... Sid.

      On 05/03/13 10:29, warrenallgyer wrote:

      It remains a controversial subject.... I have not seen any evidence of the need but I am sure willing to be proven wrong.

      One possible weakness with Ed's design, and a possible reason for worrying more about the match, is the added two PAs on the bottom of the board are not thermally coupled to the bias BS170. This thermal coupling is largely responsible for the temperature stability of the original design. As the temperature of the assembly rises the bias is adjusted to compensate so they do not run away. The bottom two FETs are not coupled and potentially, I suppose, could run away without the bias FET being aware. The forced air cooling should prevent this but it does not have the benefit of the closed loop that the original design has.

      As far as matching the bias FET.... I have posted my findings and opinions on that in the past and I have not had reason to change that position. To me it is "chicken soup"..... "it couldn't hurt".

      Warren Allgyer - W8TOD

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "Alan" wrote:
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      > Subject: [softrock40] Re: GM3SBC QRO Modifications
      > > Hi Alan
      > >
      > > Yes I have seen a wide variance in Gate Threshold Voltage in the devices I have tested. I have not however been able to translate
      > > that into a measurable impact on power output, inter-modulation, harmonic content, or stability. As I noted, I defer to Ed based
      > > on his extensive testing but I would be interested to know if anyone has observed any measurable operating impact from this
      > > variance.
      > >
      > I see Ed says 4 BS170s need to be matched but surely the one used as a bias source is also best matched?
      > The last instance of bad matching was due to a mis-matched Q5, causing the bias to be so low it cut off the PA devices. If all are
      > matched then the bias should be correct without requiring any adjustment.
      > And maybe no change to R41?
      > I cannot comment on the tolerable amount of mis-match, I'd guess a BS170 might be non-linear if it were cut off with no drive?
      > 73 Alan G4ZFQ

      Sid Boyce ... Hamradio License G3VBV, Licensed Private Pilot
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