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72587Re: [softrock40] QRP2000 USB controlled synth, win7pro... problem fixed

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  • Alan
    Mar 5 12:02 AM
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      Subject: [softrock40] QRP2000 USB controlled synth, win7pro... problem fixed

      > Thanks to Alan and Fred for their helpful suggestions. In the end it was very simple.
      > I used the driver listed in the Jan 10th posting by Fred PE0FKO which contains the certificate. I removed other USB devices before
      > plugging in the QRP2000. When I did this I got the "unknown" message. When I looked in device manager there was an "unknown"
      > device listed in the USB controllers list. I went through the process of " updating the SW" No need... as it then told me that
      > "The best driver is already installed" But its still showing as "unknown"?
      > The trick is to fire up something that uses the Si570. As soon as I launched my Rocky 3.7 SW the "unknown" dissappeared from the
      > USB controllers list and reappeared in the device manager list as a libusb-win32, double click and it shows
      > softrock40-Si570-pe0fko. Now my DG8SAQ QRP2000 controller works fine, just the same as on XP.
      > I dont remember encountering this problem when I set it up on my XP machine.
      > I expect this is all terribly obvious to the SW experts but I havent seen this key step listed anywhere.


      Glad you got it working.
      I'm puzzled, up to now your "trick" has never been needed. Windows has always loaded USB drivers when the USB is connected. Before
      any program calls for it.
      I cannot explain what you have observed, just that it was probably coincidence.
      Or had you restarted Windows in the meantime?
      Or is it something new? Maybe on 64 bit Windows?
      Does the driver now appear in Device Manager upon insertion of the Softrock?

      "The best driver is already installed" is just Windows way of saying it cannot find a newer driver. If there is no driver then it
      remains an "Unknown Device".

      If the driver installation linked here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/softrock40/message/71574 is used then it is not possible to
      update the driver by directing Windows to this file. This is an executable not a basic driver pack.
      If it does not install the first time then run it again in case a mistake was made the first time you ran it.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

      73 Alan G4ZFQ
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