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72563Re: [softrock40] Re: Ensemble RX II noisy and not sensitive

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  • Alan
    Mar 4, 2013
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      Subject: [softrock40] Re: Ensemble RX II noisy and not sensitive

      > Maybe Alan or someone else can explain the S meter noise level indication in HDSDR. It has always been a mystery to me and I have
      > not taken the time to figure it out.


      You mean that thing that jiggles about at centre left?
      No, I do not pay much attention to that.


      As I've said I really do not think indicated signal strengths matter for normal reception.
      But for technical purposes the calibrated spectrum is far better than the HDSDR "S" meter. Especially when you discover the controls
      to zoom the scale. Some other SDR programs probably have a better meter.

      You should be admiring the way a simple SDR works compared with other radios.
      You have not said if the 10m vertical is your only antenna. A Softrock will probably not work very well on lower frequencies with

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

      > Yes -73 dBm should be set to correspond to S9. I recommend however you set it by placing the signal peak on the spectrum display
      > at -73 there. If you expand the vertical you can get 1 dB resolution on this scale and then all other signal levels, including the
      > noise floor, can be accurately read from the Spectrum display. I use the S meter only as a quick visual reference and do all of my
      > measurement using the spectrum display.
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