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72517Re: Yet another soundcard

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  • Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
    Mar 1, 2013
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      The E-MU 0202 USB has a beta driver for Windows 7 that you can get
      from this page:
      I have operated my Softrock Ensemble RXTX using the ASIO driver and it
      worked well. There will probably never be an official "release" driver
      for Windows 7, as Creative has decided that it is an "end of life"
      product. Sadly the 0404 USB, which would otherwise be a great product
      for RXTX use as it has enough channels so you don't need a second
      interface, is also end of life though it is still available from

      The E-MU 0204 USB is a current product. It looks just like the 0202
      USB, but the headphone output is a separate set of outputs instead of
      being in parallel with the line outputs as in the 0202 USB. There are
      still only two inputs, so it's not a complete solution if you want to
      use the RXTX for voice modes. It will suffice for CW and digital modes
      because you don't need a microphone input for those.
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