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72496Re: [softrock40] Re: Yet another soundcard

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  • Adam Jacobs
    Feb 27, 2013
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      Interesting. I seem to recall that Creative did something similar years ago with the AudioPCI (Ensoniq) people.

      -Adam W7QI

      On 2/27/2013 3:42 PM, warrenallgyer wrote:

      E-MU was just recently acquired by Creative and the 0204 interfaces are the designs from the previous team, not the Creative team.

      E-MU's reputation is very high in the pro-audio world is very good. I have one one the way and will put it under test when it gets here.

      Warren Allgyer - W8TOD

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, "mdulcey" wrote:
      > Had a look on the iCON site at https://www.icondigitalusa.com/ - they appear to make a whole line of digital interfaces. Besides the Cube Mini, the Cube Pro (with 4x4 analog I/O, enough for TXRX operation) and the Cube 4 Nano (2x2 analog I/O with microphone preamps for live recording) also appear to be worth a look.
      > The analog specs are underwhelming for a 24/192 device; they only claim 100db S/N and dynamic range and only spec frequency response to 22KHz. This could be a warning sign (they might have analog rolloff filters above 22KHz even though the sample rate should allow much wider response) or they might just be specifying the devices conservatively. Echo Audio is one pro audio company that does that. I have a Mona (no longer made) which was only specified to 20KHz but is actually flat to nearly 40KHz, which is appropriate for a 24/96 device. I'm sure their current Echo2 would work fabulously for SDR but at $400 it ought to!
      > The E-MU interfaces have much more impressive numbers, but they're made by Creative and that company is notorious for putting up numbers that their devices don't live up to. The E-MU 0204 USB that people have been talking about here, and its predecessor the 0202 USB which I own, are good interfaces but not the amazingly wonderful ones that the spec sheets would suggest.
      > The eCrater prices are substantially below the list prices on the iCON US store. I haven't looked around to see how other stores price them, and I don't know anybody who owns any of the iCON interfaces.

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