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72411Re: [softrock40] Re: How does one set up the Ensemble RXTX transmit?

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  • Alan
    Feb 24, 2013
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      Subject: [softrock40] Re: How does one set up the Ensemble RXTX transmit?

      > I'm using PowerSDR 2.4.4 by Christos. This is one of the real areas of confusion for me. Every time I get online I see someone
      > recommending a different version. Some posts (older ones) say that only version 1.x.x works well, and I've wondered if I must
      > stick with an otherwise obsolete version to allow me to have full use of the Softrock RxTx.


      Stick with that one if you can.
      Note that Christos will say that you must use a supported card. Not easy. You may manage without but nothing is guaranteed.

      Some of the earlier versions are more flexible in that respect but are missing later developments.

      > I have gotten so far as to send test tones as well, getting almost 3 watts out at 40 metres and 2 watts at 20 metres. My biggest
      > concern right now is avoiding overdriving, but I haven't found good instructions from Christos about how to set up his version of
      > PowerSDR to avoid that. Time for more reading...

      That seems to be pushing too hard.
      As mentioned on my page the full PSDR manual is in the Files section of the PDSR-IQ group. And also look at the Links section.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ
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