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72410Re: [softrock40] Re: How does one set up the Ensemble RXTX transmit?

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  • Alan
    Feb 24, 2013
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      Subject: [softrock40] Re: How does one set up the Ensemble RXTX transmit?

      > Further comments...
      > I've just read another post that notes PowerSDR 2.x.x won't work if I want to plug my paddles directly in to the SoftRock. That's
      > a shame, as I hate using obsolete software when there's a shiny new version waiting for me! I have a serial port paddle interface
      > so will try that.
      > There's a LOT of discussion about how to configure Rocky to ensure the radio doesn't over-drive on Tx. But so far I haven't seen
      > anything about how to do that in PowerSDR. I've found the PA Settings tab in Setup but they seem to be aimed at calibrating a 100
      > watt Flex radio not a 1-2 watt Softrock. Can anyone make suggestions about how this must be done, or does PowerSDR manage it
      > automatically, or?


      I think that this calibration is the way. There can be no automatic action. Again I think information is either in past posts or the
      Files section of the PSDR-IQ group. I know I've seen the correct way somewhere...

      73 Alan G4ZFQ
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