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72380Re: [softrock40] Re: WSPR TX problem on Ensemble RXTX with Delta 44 ** Help **

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  • Fred Moore
    Feb 23, 2013
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      John, thanks for the reply, and yes I have been on WSPR and have used it to test propagation, and antennas. I have no objection to the mode or the technology, I actually use digital modes quite often here. 

      I have several ham friends here that are heavily into that mode.  From listening to them, and monitoring the local 2 meter repeater they just let it run, every few days sometimes weeks, they check and see where there signals were heard, than have a top dog discussion.  I can absolutely assure you that among them and among most hams using this mode, that absolutely nothing is being done as a study, no correlation is being done with solar, or anything else.  

      I also have monitored more than several hams on other forums discussing the equipment required to run QRO for this mode,  just to say that their signals are showing up when others are not. One recently was asking what the maximum current he could run on an 8877 for WSPR, he didn't even understand the duty cycle, intent, or use of the mode.  I queried why he would want to do that, his commented that I obviously don't understand "Top Gun", It seems like it is becoming more and more like a DX contest with some of these folks.  

      One such station on the other side of Orlando was splattering all over the lower portion of 40 meters, about 50 miles from me last week.

      I full agree with you on FCC authority, and different rules.  I also agree with you and others that this is a narrow frequency mode, when used properly.  

      As for QRP being impacted I can not agree, until recently multiple thousands of QRP radio's were rockbound and sold on 7.040.  These rockbound radios are most times almost unusable for QRP, especially QRP/DX.  

      While testing antennas, equipment and propagation, and what ever you want to know are very valid reason to run WSPR, these guys are not playing nice.  If my small sample of this type of ham activity is confined to Orlando, I can't imagine how much when the scope is moved worldwide.  My concern is that it could grow like government, unchecked, and costly to the ham community.

      I have also come to the conclusion that I have no need to run this mode to determine propagation,  I just look at the maps and let the other 20 thousand people tell me what I need to know.

      Thanks for the informative discussion.. Regards..  Fred

      On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 8:59 AM, John Greusel <greusel@...> wrote:


      I agree that WSPR is not permitted as a beacon below 10 meters in the US and when I use WSPR I try to not run my station without "operator control."  Even J-65 which is a true two way event invites users to walk away while transmitting because of the duration of time segments intrinsic to that mode. I would also say that the FCC has no authority outside the US and many WSPR users would be bound by differing rules. I've reminded several hams that running a "beacon" with WSPR on 20 or 40 meters is not permitted in the US. I've also found that some hams in the US don't know that beacons aren't allowed below 10 meters. WSPR has made a beacon like function available to many now and some misuse is to be expected. Where I disagree is that digital or QRP modes are seriously impacted by the great interest in WSPR- it's a pretty narrow portion and much of those slices are on bands that don't have much use.
      Have you tried WSPR? It's really a great study in propagation and low power levels. Everyone could learn something from it.


      From: Fred Moore <fred@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 6:06 AM

      Subject: Re: [softrock40] Re: WSPR TX problem on Ensemble RXTX with Delta 44 ** Help **

      Slightly off topic, but since we seem to have many WSPR ops here.  I notice a question on wsprnet.org some time ago and have not found the answer myself:

      <quote> I can't find a spot in the FCC rules that permits WSPR. Part 97.111(b) defines a list of permitted, short, one way transmissions. WSPR does not appear to fit the list because it is a list of "short" transmissions.
      Part 97.203 addresses beacons and permitted beacon frequencies. According to this paragraph, no beacons are permitted below 28.2 MHz.
      What an I missing and what loophole allows WSPR transmissions 24 hours per day?"

      I bring this up because I noticed that everyday the background on the water fall on .40 gets whiter and whiter from this type of 24 hour a day activity.  I am really wondering what the answer to this question is.   Not attacking anyone, just wonder about this activity?.. I also get concerned over the loss of a broad range of QRP frequencies, as many can't seem to get exactly on .40.  Can anyone enlighten me, off list is also okay if you don't want to clutter up the list..  fred@...
      Regards.. Fred

      Fred Moore
      Ham Radio:  WD8KNI
      Email: fred@...

      Fred Moore
      Ham Radio:  WD8KNI
      Email: fred@...
      Cell: 321-217-8699
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