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72370Re: How does one set up the Ensemble RXTX transmit?

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  • warrenallgyer
    Feb 22, 2013

      After hitting SEND I realized I made some assumptions that a newbie may not make:

      1) You will need a second sound card. You need a sound input for the Line In from the RXTX and, of course, a Speaker output to listen to. Finally you need a separate output for the Transmit to the Line Out of the RXTX. I like to use a USB headset for the Speaker out and the laptop Line In for receive audio and the laptop Line Out for transmit. It is a matter of personal preference.

      2) You will want to adjust the IQ balance on transmit. This is under Tools/Tx IQ Balance. You will need a second receiver. You will likely not need to connect it directly to the RXTX. With the RXTX on a dummy load and the receiver tuned to the Image frequency on the left side of the adjustment screen, click the Start button and use the sliders to null the image signal. Retune the receive to the image freq on the right side and do the same. Go back and forth until you get no further improvement or until the image signals disappear.... and they should disappear completely. This is a separate adjustment for each band you use on Rocky.

      3) The list of center frequencies under the frequency pulldown is readily editable. Under Help click on Data folder and open the Rocky configuration file in a Text Editor. Scroll down to the band settings and add whatever frequencies you want, following the template of what is already there.

      Finally, all of this is information is readily available in much more detail in the help file under Help/Web Site.

      Warren Allgyer - W8TOD

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      > Joel
      > In my experience Rocky is the easiest and quickest to get working on transmit. It can be more difficult and a little unstable on Win 7 and above.
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