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72352Re: Softrock Dynamic Range and MDS Redux

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  • g3vnc
    Feb 21, 2013
      Just did some careful measurements of the 2 Tone Dynamic Range of my Softrock Ensemble Rx and Delta 44 sound card. Used pairs of 10dB and 20db pads at the inputs of the 6dB hybrid to give more points to plot on the intercept graph.

      The two tones used for the intercept measurements were at 5073 kHz and 5078kHz. Only one tone used for MDS measurement.

      MDS = -115dBm in 500Hz
      Input Intercept = +30dBm (yes, +30dBm)
      Two Tone Dynamic Range = 2*(30+115)/3 = 96dB in 500Hz

      This ties in with the DR of the ADCs on the sound card.

      73 Nick G3VNC
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