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72038Re: [softrock40] Re: GPS Disciplined Reference for Ensemble

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  • Chris Wilson
    Jan 31, 2013
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      > Thanks Alan

      > Yes... this module will not actually improve on my S15170
      > calibration. I currently use an Ensemble RX with a separate laptop
      > as a return monitor and I have that setup to monitor BPM (Chinese
      > WWV) so I can calibrate it and then, in turn, my WSPR transmit
      > frequency on the RXTX. It is certainly "good enough" and stays
      > within 4-5 Hz when I leave everything running.

      > But, as an old broadcaster who relied on rubidium standards, the
      > idea of a phase accurate 10 MHz standard for fifty bucks is hard to resist.

      > As noted however, this will not make the Si5170 more accurate....
      > it will just tell me more accurately how far off I am.

      > Now....... if someone can come up with a way to lock the 5170 to a
      > reference.... THEN we might have something.

      > 73
      > Warren

      I too would like a means of locking a Softrock to a GPS disciplined
      frequency standard, but from when I asked about a year ago, I do not
      believe this is possible. DDC / DDU SDR's seem to have this ability, I
      guess the Si5170 cannot be used in conjunction with such a thing

      31/01/2013 19:05

      Best Regards,
      Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY
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