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71836Re: HDSDR and Si570....

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  • Stephen
    Jan 21, 2013
      Hi Guys,

      I have solved the problem. To be fair to me I was mislead by yet another of the many quirks of the Windows 7 system which is why I gave up using Windows and migrated everything I could to Apple Macs last year.

      On a standard Windows 7 system you need to copy the DLL files into C:\Program Files(x86)\HDSDR

      If you use the Start Menu then list All Programs then right click on HDSDR and choose OPEN from the menu you end up at:


      this has a shortcut to HDSDR and to all intents and purposes looked to me like its where the DLLs should live. But it isn't.

      Hopefully this will help someone else from falling into the same trap.

      73s Steve G0XAR
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