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71210Been away, but I'm back, at least, for the winter

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  • Chuck
    Dec 31, 2012
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      Hy gang,
      Last Feb I bought an underground house in Foxboro, MA and I've been busy with projects that involve larger things than SDR like lawn tractors, log splitters, painting, gardening and of course rehanging my antennas. However, winter has come and it's too cold outside to be either in the yard or the garage and I just brought my SDR project into the house where it's warm and spent the last few days restoring the state of things to where I left off last year.

      So, I have my Softrock Ensemble 20/30/40 up and running on Rocky 3.7 and Power SDR 1.12.20. Rocky works well for receive and I'm measuring 1.6W out CW using Rocky on my HP438 power meter. So, I guess I've gotten past my startup glitches. Using PowerSDR I can transmit voice into a dummy load and receive it on my TS2000 with a nearby G5RV Senior antenna.

      Howerver, I still can't work voice TX and Receive on the same application. I'm using the SoundBlaster USB X-Fi and it doesn't seem to be compatible with PowerSDR for receive and Rocky doesn't do Tx voice.

      Last year where I left off I was trying to integrate the Delta 44 on a desktop windows XP machine and was making headway but that computer died recently and I'm back to struggling with the laptop.

      Bottom Line:
      Has there been any progress making the Ensemble work for both Tx voice and Receive voice on a laptop? If so, what configuration do I need to pursue?

      Thank you,
      Chuck Lippmeier
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