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70811RE: [softrock40] Kit builders?

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  • Brent G DeWitt
    Dec 11, 2012
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      Maybe worth noting that Radio Shack sells a really inexpensive gel flux that works well.  That said ChipQuick is a really great resource for their desoldering material!!  I make sure to keep a supply available every since I first used it.


      Brent DeWitt

      Milford, MA


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      For the SMT parts, you should be using ChipQuik flux and a pair of tweezers anyway.  Big ol' hands do not enter into the equation.


      The tacky flux and tweezers make it easy to get the parts in the right place, then it's just a tap with the iron and you're done.  Much easier than the through-hole parts.




      On 11 Dec 2012, at 13:57, N0UR <n0ur@...> wrote:


      I am looking at the Softrock RXTX Ensemble kit. With these big ol hands of mine, and not the eye sight I use to have I am not looking forward to building one of these.

      Are there anyone out there who would consider putting one of these together for me. I would be happy pay someone for their time and effort.




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