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70662RE: [softrock40] Re: Unrecognized device.

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  • KQ8M
    Dec 4, 2012

      Thanks Alan,


      I have done all the resistance checks and everything is fine. I will try to replace the 2 zeners and see.



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      > Thanks for the reply. The hard part I have is I can unplug this one and plug in another one and it works fine. Unplug that and
      > then
      > plug in the one I am building and it is unrecognized. Oh yes, also unrecognized when plugged in to another computer.


      There must be something in the small amount of components and printed circuit that is causing this.
      Take out the AVR.
      Get a resistance meter.
      Look carefully at the schematic and measure the resistance between every point you can see that is between the socket and
      USB/power/ground. These schematic should give you an idea of what you should see.
      Look for short circuits, or maybe no circuit.
      Maybe there is a whisker of PCB material left there, or even a break.
      Just possibly the zeners may be faulty.
      Ask if you are not sure.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

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