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70400Re: [softrock40] Did I kill my Si570?

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  • Dave
    Nov 25, 2012
      I doubt that RF would kill the Si570. It might kill the Attiny as
      that is what is connected to the outside world.
      With power applied and the USB NOT connected, what freq. do you see at
      the Si570 output? When power is first applied, the Si570 outputs its
      default freq.(probably 56.32 MHz). Then the Attiny will program it to
      the start frequency(28.2 MHz ??). If your seeing a lot of 50 Hz then
      perhaps a ground connection is missing.

      Dave - WB6DHW

      On 11/25/2012 12:54 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
      >> Since the ATtiny in the Softrock is not intended for use with USB
      >> and has no slew-rate limiting or pulse-forming hardware, you should
      >> always use high quality, well-shielded USB cables with the Softrock,
      >> and will not likely have this problem with them.
      >> I wish the Softrock used an ATmega16u2 instead; it has a real USB
      >> cell, so it'd be more reliable with random USB hosts, we'd be able
      >> to reflash them at home without special tools, and they would have
      >> enough pins to support all the features of every radio without needing complicated setup.
      >> -J.
      > 25/11/2012 20:51
      > I sometimes (well often, actually) have trouble with RF in the PC on
      > 10 meters, via USB cables. Could RF kill the chip? I had one die
      > seemingly randomly after many months of normal operation, and have
      > seen the same on a chip in a friend's RX Ensemble that I built for him
      > as he has "the shakes" (not booze, or at least he denies that's the
      > cause... ;)) That one also died after about 7 months, but he has no
      > HF transmitting gear, only microwave stuff.
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