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70399Re: [softrock40] Did I kill my Si570?

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  • Chris Wilson
    Nov 25, 2012

      > Since the ATtiny in the Softrock is not intended for use with USB
      > and has no slew-rate limiting or pulse-forming hardware, you should
      > always use high quality, well-shielded USB cables with the Softrock,
      > and will not likely have this problem with them.

      > I wish the Softrock used an ATmega16u2 instead; it has a real USB
      > cell, so it'd be more reliable with random USB hosts, we'd be able
      > to reflash them at home without special tools, and they would have
      > enough pins to support all the features of every radio without needing complicated setup.

      > -J.

      25/11/2012 20:51

      I sometimes (well often, actually) have trouble with RF in the PC on
      10 meters, via USB cables. Could RF kill the chip? I had one die
      seemingly randomly after many months of normal operation, and have
      seen the same on a chip in a friend's RX Ensemble that I built for him
      as he has "the shakes" (not booze, or at least he denies that's the
      cause... ;)) That one also died after about 7 months, but he has no
      HF transmitting gear, only microwave stuff.

      Best Regards,
      Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY
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