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70195Re: [softrock40] Antenna problems?

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  • Ulf Holt Gmail
    Nov 18 3:39 PM
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      I have some switch mode power supplies, including my PC. I can try to turn of everything (except my PC, of course). I have a laptop I can run on the battery, but it is running OS X Lion. Anyway, I will put this on hold until I can build a test antenna like the magnetic loop Junius Fox pointed out. I also suspect the built in sound card is not very silent. Any idea what sampling frequency I should use?


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      Den 18. nov. 2012 kl. 21:26 skrev "Alan" <alan4alan@...>:


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      Subject: [softrock40] Antenna problems?

      > If I remove the antenna, I can heare a difference, the
      > noise level is falling, but that's about it.


      If the noise level drops when you remove the antenna then noise is the problem.
      The Softrock is not as sensitive as many commercial receivers and normally needs a good antenna.
      But it seems in your situation a more sensitive receiver will just receive the same noise the Softrock is receiving.
      I expect there are many noisy electronic devices around you.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

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