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70125Re: What software should I use, and how should I configure

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  • Ulf Holt Gmail
    Nov 17, 2012
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      Hi folks

      I followed the advice about using PowerSDR-iq / PowerSDR (which must be installed first) and it looks like this was the solution. I have to hook up a better antenna, but at least I could tune in a Chinese station sending AM, but that was about it. My antenna was a 3 meter wire stretched out on my small balcony, which is surrounded with concrete, as you can see, not an ideal solution. I have to ask the management if I can find a better solution, but it will not be easy. I don't even have access to a proper grounding system. Any good ideas are welcome!

      My sound card has a high noise level, so I have to go for something else, and I suppose the receiver would need a shielded box of some kind, but I'll get something in Chinatown in Bangkok next week.

      Thanks a lot to Christos Nikolau, who gave me some private help.

      I still have to dig into the concepts to understand what drivers I really need, since I don't want to have drivers I don't need installed. There is one driver in the kit from PowerSDR-iq and then you have the CFGSR, and I'm not sure I need the latter.

      Anyway, thank you all for the good advices. PowerSDR-iq gave me access to all bands running on Windows 7 64 bit

      73 de LA2SL

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