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70055Re: [softrock40] HDSDR 2.50 released

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  • EB4APL
    Nov 14, 2012
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      Testing the new command line option "Path", I cannot make  any ExtIO_xyz.DLL work.  If I enter any random text after the Path keyword, I got an error window warning:

      "Command line option invalid! Use:" and it lists
      -profile <name>

      as the valid options, so the -Path options is not updated. Then the program asks to select any of the current ExtIO_xyz.DLL in the folder.
      But if I enter any ExtIO_xyz.DLL name as ExtIO_USRP.dll or ExtIO_Si570.dll (present in the path or not), the warning doesn't triggers but the dll is not selected, neither asked for a manual selection.  Probably I'm doing something wrong and a practical example would be useful.

      Best regards,
      Ignacio, EB4APL

      ExtIO_xyz.DLL name
      On 01/11/2012 2:30, lc_hdsdr wrote:

      Hi all,

      as told in subject:

      HDSDR Version 2.50 (30 October 2012)
      - better CPU utilization
      - better WFM (mono) workaround with 96kHz output samplerate
      - improved image rejection
      - ECSS improved
      - offset per mode (SDR on IF output)
      - CW-LSB for sync with analog radio
      - new command line option "Path\ExtIO_xyz.DLL" for ExtIO-DLL selection
      - enhanced recording scheduler
      - enhanced multi-monitor support
      - CW pitch frequency adjustable with mouseclick on pitch-text
      alternatively with mousewheel on the pitch-text
      - fixes and improvements for Omni-Rig
      - some small fixes and improvements

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