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70041Re: [softrock40] Re: LCR meter to measure the Ensemble coils

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  • Malti
    Nov 14, 2012
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      Look what I found ! If what they claim is correct, both the price and performance from small rf coils is the ideal



      On 14 November 2012 05:00, rifkum <rifkum@...> wrote:

      When it comes to very low inductances for RF, all the LM311 and PIC based L meters are not that accurate. For C , may be another story !
      End Quote.

      as I wound each toroid for my Ensemble RX II, I measured each one and found the measured inductance to be within 1-2% of what the build plans said they should be. I doubt that was a coincidence.

      I also measured most all of the capacitors and found them equally within tollerance.

      Why would you say the pic/comparator based meters are inaccurate??

      What kind of accuracy do you believe one needs to build a radio reciever?

      For me... the $27 (delivered) I spent on my ebay LCR meter (see other recent thread) is one little piece of test equipment I am VERY pleased with.

      The re-assurance that I had not made an error while winding the toroids was well worth it. It made building the kit more enjoyable. And now I can be more certain when I dig through my junk box I can test/verify that old capicator or inductor.

      I regularly work with test equipment at work that cost 20,000 to 40,000 dollars, But for the Radio hobbiest I think the pic based LCR meters are actually VERY adequate.

      just my .02


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