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70029Re: Peaberry SDR new firmware available

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  • warrenallgyer
    Nov 13, 2012
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      Congratulations David! I am seeing significantly improved performance. I measure the noise floor as follows:

      7.0 MHz -142 dBm
      10.0 MHz -137 dBm
      14.0 MHz -131 dBm

      That is 6-8 dB better than I measured before and is read with the receiver calibrated at -73 dBm on 10 MHz.

      The CFGSR calibration is noted and works well. The IQ phase reversing is very ingenious and also works well.

      I am not sure how to measure WSPR decode improvement except anecdotally and it decodes every trace that shows up.

      All in all a great effort and we really appreciate it!


      Warren Allgyer - W8TOD

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, David Turnbull <dturnbull@...> wrote:
      > Good Morning,
      > Thanks to everyone who's supported my work on the Peaberry SDR with
      > either kind words or a purchase. Radio communications has been an
      > interest of mine since I was a child. It's a real pleasure to be able
      > to help others build state-of-the-art experimental radios.
      > I've been diligently working on improving the Peaberry SDR over the
      > past months. The PSoC chip that runs this radio is an amazing device.
      > In addition to a typical System-on-a-Chip, it contains a useful amount
      > of blank hardware that can be synthesized with Verilog. Most of the
      > improvements in this release are because of functions that have been
      > moved from software to hardware.
      > The new firmware includes the following:
      > - Calibration is less confusing. The Si570 registers are recalculated
      > when the calibration is changed.
      > - I/Q channel reversing for the transmitter. See:
      > https://github.com/ham21/peaberry/wiki/Channel-Reversal
      > - Local oscillator tunes down to 120kHz. I don't have filters
      > designed for 600m and 1750m, but the radio is prepared for this.
      > - More sensitivity on 20m.
      > - 4kHz noise completely eliminated. This was coming from CPU
      > interrupts which have been replaced with Verilog.
      > - Better timing for narrow FSK protocols like MEPT_JT(WSPR) and JT65.
      > I will begin using this firmware for the kits by the end of the week.
      > Assuming no major problems, of course. If you have a Peaberry and
      > access to a programmer, please test the 13-NOV-2012 rom and let me
      > know what you think. Hex files are here:
      > https://github.com/ham21/peaberry/downloads
      > 73 David AE9RB
      > http://AE9RB.com/
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