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69981Re: [softrock40] Re: RxTx Ensemble no problem!

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  • Chris Wilson
    Nov 12, 2012
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      > Hi Tony

      > Nice to hear from you. I don't know that particular Hallicrafters.
      > I started on a loaned R.1155 which was a WWll rx used in Lancaster
      > bombers. Tx was home brew, of course, and CW as I couldn't afford a
      > mod transformer or mic. At 15 money is a bit tight as you obviously know.

      > My G3P call is 1961 vintage - G3R is 1962, and so on. UK calls
      > don't follow a year by year pattern now, but they did then! My US
      > Extra Class was obtained here in London, and I am an ARRL Accredited
      > VE, despite only one brief trip to the US where my rig died on my first day!

      > I followed the group for a while before ordering, but as most
      > people are asking for help after experiencing problems I found it
      > rather discouraging, so I ordered it anyway, and will find my own
      > way. I am a little concerned by the lack of a specific kit building
      > guide, but I know that such things take time and can cost money to
      > produce. I am sure that my usual procedures will be fine.

      > I thought it would make a change to post something upbeat, even if
      > it is early days for me, so will keep my problem posts to a minimum!

      > 73

      > Tim

      There's a comprehensive colour assembly and testing guide for the RXTX
      Ensemble on the web, freely down loadable. I found it best to print it
      all off and use the check boxes to confirm I didn't miss any stages.
      As a total novice the similar guide took me to a working RX, and two
      more after that. I then progressed to an RXTX and the guide for that
      resulted in another excellent project seen to perfect fruition.

      The manual is here Tim:


      12/11/2012 14:09

      Best Regards,
      Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY
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