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69969Re: [softrock40] LT6231 Replacement Part Description Clarification

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  • Shirley Márquez Dúlcey
    Nov 12, 2012
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      On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 10:17 PM, cbayona.cb <CBayona@...> wrote:

      The 1st one the CS8 version is guaranteed over a 0 to 70 degree
      Centigrade range while the 2nd one the IS8 version can operate from
      -40 to +85 degree Centigrade temperature range. Otherwise they are similar.

      It's confusing because the Digikey pages give the same temperature range for both. But yes, parts with an I in the part number (Industrial temperature range, typically -40C to 85C) are usually rated for a wider range than C (Commercial, usually 0-70C or 0-85C) parts, and M (Military, -55C to 125C) parts when available cover an even wider range. The wider temperature range might have some advantage if you're planning to use your Softrock in the field, but only if all the parts in the radio are intended for the wider range, and in the standard kits they probably are not. 
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