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69883Re: [softrock40] Measuring toroids inductance

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  • Jeff Blaine
    Nov 10, 2012
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      Not sure what the basis for that claim is.  The PIC and similar have worked for all the RF stuff I’ve done but you may have a special application.
      In any event, if you need something better, take a look at a VNA. That will let you do anything your heart desires.

      From: Malti
      Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 8:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [softrock40] Measuring toroids inductance

      With all due respect, there are scores of similar pic based circuits around.
      What I need is a pic based, but the coil measured under a high RF frequency.
      That is the only way to obtain very accurate readings, especially for us, at RF !
      Most use audio or slightly higher frequency, which is not enough  !


      On 10 November 2012 11:59, John Rabson <john.rabson@...> wrote:

      Or try this:

      "the kit from G4HUP available from http://g4hup.com/LCM/LCMeter.htm which is only LC but excellent for measuring and matching caps including SM parts and winding coils for HF/VHF

      John G4SWX"
      On 10 Nov 2012, at 11:27CET, pauldebono@... wrote:


      A few years ago, I came across a Russian inductance meter kit.
      Mnay designers claim to be the best one around for accurancy.

      Anyone has the details please ?
      Many of the popular meters around are dubious about accuracy, because inductance is not measured at RF, but anything but RF !



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