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69848Re: [softrock40] RXTX V6.2 versus V6.3

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  • Chris Wilson
    Nov 8 8:25 AM
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      > From the QRP2000 page - http://sdr-kits.net/QRP2000_Description.html

      > Full Band or Multi Band coverage of Softrock RXTX V6.1 and V6.2
      > transceivers (use Kit 1 CMOS version)

      > Build it and add the QRP2000 for variable VFO... I am sure you can
      > find some info on how to accomplish this in the archives.

      > John - ke5ssh

      > On 11/8/2012 9:11 AM, John Greusel wrote:
      > Chris,

      > We just had the "build it or not" debate a few days ago and I think
      > the consensus was if the narrow bandwidth (of the crystal Softrock)
      > works for you then by all means build it.

      > John
      > KC9OJV

      08/11/2012 16:21

      Just had a quick look at the web site, thanks for that. I couldn't see
      any earlier posts re the V6.1 or 6.2, but only had a quick scan
      through the messages, sorry.

      I have a question. This kit en route to me was advertised as a 160
      meter kit, which is the band I want to have a play with. On the web
      page for the QRP2000 kit I see the following:

      "Frequency Range Kit 1: 3.5 MHz to 210 MHz for Kit 1 (10-160 Mhz
      specified by Silabs) and Kit 2: 3.5 MHz up to 280 MHz (10-280 MHz)
      specified by SiLab for C-grade LVDS device supplied) New!! New!!
      Si570BBB Device up to 945 MHz (810 MHz specified by Silabs)

      Does this mean the kit won't work down to 1.8 MHz?


      Best Regards,
      Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY
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