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69839Re: [softrock40] Re: Ensemble RxTx: Low Power output

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  • Alan
    Nov 8, 2012
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      Subject: [softrock40] Re: Ensemble RxTx: Low Power output

      > The kit is built for 15/12/10m.


      My figures were taken at 80m frequencies so will not compare too well with your band selection.

      > Using your link and setting the soundcard up your way I measured the following levels (all peak to peak):
      > - end of T2 Primary 0V4
      > - T2 secondary 0V4
      > - Junction of L1 and C21 0V4
      > - Q6 Emitter and Base 0V4
      > - Collector Q6 1V2
      > - T3 primary 1V2
      > - T3 secondary each end 0V9
      > - T4 primary each end 0V9
      > - T4 secondary 4V8

      Yes, Q6 and Q7/8 do seem to be working.

      > I suppose the problem to be somewhere between U8 and the driver section.

      If the two different ranges can be compared, yes. My figures show a voltage increase after L1/C2 but will 10m be the same?
      Later... I have checked my 6.3 and put my findings for 10m on my page.
      <http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/levels-measured-in-a-softrock-tx> I do see higher readings after L1/C2.
      But do not expect too much on 10m.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ
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