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69778Peaberry - The PCM3060 was damaged.

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  • Ricardo Caratti
    Nov 5, 2012
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      Hello Everybody, 

      My Peaberry was working with a fuzzy sound on right channel.
      I did  many tests with MacBook Pro and a LG NetBook with Windows 7 installed.
      The behavior was the same in both systems.

      So, today, I tried to fix the problem redoing the welds on PCM3060 pins.
      After that, my Kit stop working.  
      I carefully examined the pins of the PCM3060 and everything seems ok (no bridge).

      The Peaberry drivers continue being detected, but there is no sound.
      On Windows, Sound configuration, Recording tab, the Micriphone Peaberry device is showing high level of signal (all green) without a Micriphone connected on Peaberry Kit.
      I wonder how durable is the PCM3060 to withstand heat and static electricity.  
      How can I test if the PCM3060 is working?

      After analysis, if confirmed that the PCM3060 is really in trouble, I would like to buy a new one. I tried unsuccessfully on ebay.
      Can anyone recommend some shop?


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