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69767Re: [softrock40] Re: Remote listening to a Softrock receive over a network, maybe remote control too?

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  • Chris Wilson
    Nov 4 2:13 PM
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      > Hi Chris,

      > I have about the same setup as you do but with both softrock and
      > regular receivers, basically I use UltraVnc to control the receiver,
      > for audio I use a program all p2p music server, the server runs on
      > the remote system and the client on the system you want to listen
      > to. You might have to use Virtual Audio Cable if your soundcard does not have stereo mix.

      > The audio streaming software's latency is very low, hardly any lag
      > in the audio on my lan, be it wifi or wired. The reason I use
      > UltraVNC instead of RealVnc is because they have a mirror driver for
      > the VNC server that really speeds up the refresh rate of the
      > server's video, handy when using HDSDR to tune the softrock.

      > You can get the p2p music server at
      > http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Other-AUDIO-Tools/p2p-Music.shtml
      > its really small and freeware. I have been using it for around 2
      > years with no problem. If you need more help msg me.

      > Kelvin

      04/11/2012 22:12

      Hi Kelvin, after much fiddling your suggested combination is working
      just fine, it's taking me ages, but now it's sorted I would like to
      thank you very much for your suggestion! 73 to you, thanks again

      Best Regards,
      Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY
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