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69667Ensemble RX II with 455kHz IF added

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  • bxyza
    Nov 1, 2012
      I have ordered my Ensemble RX II kit and excited to get this unit to mostly
      learn about SDR and use it as the first phase of my longer goal. I also ordered
      the additional IF Center Frequency 464 kHz for 455 kHz IF frequency chip with
      for the second phase of this project / experiment.

      I ultimately would like to tap into the 455 kHz IF of my ICOM 7200 to build a
      general purpose PAN adapter. I know there are a lot of Kenwoods that do this
      type of function, but I cannot seem to obtain collateral information on how this
      is done on an ICOM. I do have the service manual for the 7200 and can find the
      location of the circuit on the board, but I have to admit I am little spooked
      with doing this myself based on my lack of experience. I have the soldering
      skills and have built several other projects in the past, but not any SMD.

      Any information is appreciated.