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69628RE: [softrock40] Peaberry using PowerSDR2.4.4 I/Q Reverse on TX only

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  • Dave Watson
    Oct 31, 2012



      Did you look at your output on another SDR radio while you were transmitting? I couldn't get any PSK responses when I first started using my Peaberry on PowerSDR 2.4.4 so I fired up a SoftRockRXTX on another computer (antenna attenuated) to see what my signal looked like. To my surprise I was on the wrong side of the center line. I switched to LSB on the SoftRock and my PSK decoder started decoding my transmission. No wonder nobody replied to me. I was below them. So I switched the SoftRock back to USB and the Peaberry to LSB and restarted my calling CQ. The SoftRock decoded my transmission on USB and I started getting responses to my calling CQ. I made about 30 contacts that evening and had reports for a solid clean signal. I've been flipping USB/LSB since I found that solution.


      Dave (W4DJW)


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      > The following two paragraphs from from
      > http://www.wb5rvz.com/sdr/ensemble/07_opamp.htm
      > "In both the RX op amp and TX QSE sections, the jumper links on the
      > I/Q input and outputs should ideally be fitted crossed over....


      Unfortunately in a list like this confusion reigns!
      We get posts from those that understand and from those that think they understand.
      At the time Robby wrote that, when the Ensemble was introduced, there was a LOT of confusion, some were convinced their soundcard
      L/R was reversed from the normal standard. Perhaps it needs re-writing.

      My Ensembles have TX crossed, RX straight.
      I confirm that this works with all versions of PSDR and Rocky. I've just looked at Rocky, it is set Left/Right = Q/I which I presume
      is the way it works. I have used PSK TX but not recently......
      Right, seeing other comments.
      Rocky 3.6 Correct.
      Rocky 3.7 Correct.
      PSDR has always been correct for all versions, from 1.9 to 2.4.
      Correct means that it TXs on the same frequency as RX.

      > provides compatibility with all versions of PowerSDR. For Rocky and
      > Winrad it is necessary to use the 'swap IQ' functions in their set up.
      > If you jumper them straight across fine for Rocky and Winrad, but you
      > will not be able to use any version of PSDR. (Author wired for Rocky)"

      In this configuration RX/TX will not be correct for PSDR or any software except those that have separate RX and TX switches.

      > "Some builders (author included) have encountered issues in this setup
      > and siscovered that the only the TX leads should be crossed, leaving
      > the RX leads uncrossed. Be prepared to change these should you
      > encounter this issue."

      Robby got it right in the end. But some were not convinced.

      > I own a SoftRock RXTX Ensemble and wiring them as per the first
      > paragraph, with both crossed, left me in a situation where Rocky was
      > impossible to set up.

      Making the change in the second paragraph allows
      > use on Rocky, but PowerSDR was impossible.

      TX crossed? Now this I do not understand. This is the correct way.

      > I have tested many different applications with the Peaberry and would
      > love a design that didn't require i/Q reversal. Unfortunately, this
      > doesn't seem possible when two very popular applications appear in
      > direct conflict with each other and are inflexible with their
      > configuration.

      David, if this is really true then surely there would have been something said in the 5 years I have been with this group?
      I repeat, once the IQ is setup for PSDR then just the software switches on ALL other software is all that is required.

      > To everyone who transmits with both PowerSDR and Rocky on a RXTX
      > Ensemble: What versions are you using? How are your jumpers set up?

      Let's hope we get some other input.....
      Which seems just as confusing! I just do not understand how any extra crossovers are needed.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

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