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69614Re: [softrock40] Peaberry using PowerSDR2.4.4 I/Q Reverse on TX only

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  • Alan
    Oct 30, 2012
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      Subject: Re: [softrock40] Peaberry using PowerSDR2.4.4 I/Q Reverse on TX only

      > Alan, Rocky's I/Q reversal toggles both the tx and rx. The RX_REV
      > reverses only the receiver. Without the jumper, one or the other is
      > always wrong in Rocky. No other software needs this jumper as they
      > either use the PowerSDR setup or have separate config options for rx
      > and tx.


      With the Softrocks it has always been the case that if the IQ is setup for PSDR RXTX then the software switch was all that was
      needed for Rocky.

      As no-one has mentioned any changes with PSDR I assume that the IQ settings have not changed. So the latest version should not be
      any different.

      I forget which software needs the software switch but once a Softrock is setup correctly it does not need to be changed. It seems
      strange that you say the Peaberry requires a RX switch.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ
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