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69590Re: [softrock40] Storm

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  • w2bvh
    Oct 29, 2012
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      So far so good here in N. Jersey (near Elizabeth). Lost power 7 or 8 times but it just comes back on after a few seconds.  In between the power flickers probably down to 50-60V. Happened uncountable times in the last few hours. Wind gusts literally shake the house. You can feel the walls move. Aluminum siding from someones house blew down the street. I know its not from mine: wrong color.  In the morning we'll see what the roof looks like and if all the vhf antennas are intact (HF antenna blew down a few weeks ago in a wind storm). It had been up for 12 years so I guess its time for a new one anyway.

      Hope everyone fares as well as us.

      Lenny W2BVH

      On 10/29/2012 8:20 PM, KQ8M wrote:

      I hope all of the East Coast members of the lists I am sending this to are safe and have the hatches battened down. We here in North East Ohio have gotten several inches of rain so far and with a long time to go it looks like my shed will be under water and my basement will be flooded. Areas here are already losing power. So far so good here.


      Those on the east coast are bearing the brunt of this I wish them well.



      Tim Herrick, KQ8M

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