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  • KQ8M
    Oct 29, 2012

      Hi Mike,


      Well, we do have areas out of power here in Lake County. I just went out to my shed and brought in my lawn mower and snow blower as it is starting to go under. We have winds at 40MPH Steady and gusts to 60 so far but they suspect it will get worse. You should see the news shots from across I90 and the Cleveland water treatment plant. Waves are hitting the shore and shooting across the highway and hitting the plant. lol



      Tim Herrick, KQ8M

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      Hi Tim -

      I'm visiting a friend here in Wilmington, DE where there was fear of a
      flooded basement with the forecasts of lots of rain and widespread power
      outages. Drove out from Ohio on Sunday loaded with generators, extension
      cords, backup pump, food and all. Granted, I am not on the coast in sight of
      water, but things so far have not been bad at all. No power outage, basic
      sump pump in basement running intermittently. I guess I mostly brought an
      insurance policy that I suspect will not be needed.

      There certainly will be effects from the storm, but at present the east
      coast still exists.

      Keep things safe for me back in Ohio for when I return!

      73 - Mike WA8BXN/3

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