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  • Leonard McGarity
    Oct 29, 2012
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      Iā€™m a newbie to SDR, plus my netbook and PC on motherboard sound have poor documentation re whether/which jack might be stereo input for the I/Q signal.
      So I bought an Audiophile 192 PCI card ($89) for my Win 7 32 bit SP1 machine. Once I got into the 192ā€™s control panel and set 24 bit, 192khz, it now works great with Ensemble II, getting 192kc BW. Default was 16 bit/44khz, and there was a huge noise spur/whatever at center freq, now gone.
      Need to ensure plugged into stereo input to PC sound card, and that correct input/output is selected for soundcard. 3.5mm stereo cable for Ensemble II end. The Audiophile 192 uses 1/4ā€ plugs so needed 3.5mm male to male 1/4ā€ mono plugs to get work. The 192 has separate breakout cables for L/R IQ input. If you mix up L/R (I/Q), should still hear sigs, only set LSB will be needed for USB, etc.
      Other than the noise floor perhaps not quite as low ?  (apples for apples difficult), I think the Ensemble II basically works as good as my SDR-IQ which uses USB for control and IQ sigs, at a fraction of the cost.
      I am using SDR-Radio for both units.
      Due to many permutations of settings, can answer setting questions for Ensemble II to PC using SDR-Radio, if that would help.
      Link, WV4I
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