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69427RE: [softrock40] Peaberry using PowerSDR2.4.4 I/Q Reverse on TX only [2 Attachments]

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  • KQ8M
    Oct 21, 2012
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      If I may be so bold as I know nothing about the peaberry but wouldn't it be easier to just add a DPDT switch for the jumpers in case you want to use other software? U can just drill a hole in the case for the switch.



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      Subject: [softrock40] Peaberry using PowerSDR2.4.4 I/Q Reverse on TX only [2 Attachments]



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      David (AE9RB),

      I'm able to use the latest version of PowerSDR (2.4.4) with the Peaberry but have to switch modes from USB to LSB to compensate for the reverse I/Q in PowerSDR when transmitting in USB. It works just fine when I toggle the mode but it is a hassle to remember. Receive works fine as is without the RX REV jumper. I was wondering if I could cross pins 25 & 26 on U10 or pins 10 & 11 on U11 in combination with the RX REV Jumper to get both RX and TX to work on PowerSDR without having to switch to LSB to transmit USB. Any suggestions? I'm sure others would be interested in how to accomplish the same thing for other software that doesn't have a configuration parameter to toggle either RX or TX I/Q.


      Dave (W4DJW)

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