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69163Re: [softrock40] Rocky 3.7 on a W7 machine?

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  • Kenneth Hardy
    Oct 5, 2012
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      Had to reply to you as I always use Rocky as I am only a CW op.and thinks Rocky gives the best display
      by far.
      I have Win 7 64 bit on a i3 laptop and using a Soundblaster 24 bit external USB card for I/Q input and
      I/Q output.
      When I open Rocky there is almost always a hot of crackle on rx and tx - BUT - I have found a trick where
      if you go to 'view settings' and wait a second ot two and then return to Rocky the noise disappears for
      always. It may take up to four or five changes to 'view settings' (no need to change any parameters)
      before all is quiet.
      This only takes a fewseconds and is fine by me as I  love this programme since I first used it with XP on
      a pentium
      Ken M0XBK
      From: kb9yig <kb9yig@...>
      To: softrock40@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2012 8:33 PM
      Subject: [softrock40] Rocky 3.7 on a W7 machine?
      Good Afternoon All,

      I do all my testing of Ensemble receivers and transceivers on a XP machine with a Delta 44 soundcard. Works reliably and get me though the testing of built Ensemble units. However, people using W7 machines seem to have trouble getting built Ensemble boards to function properly.

      The question is then: are people having any success with Rocky 3.7 on a W7 machine? If no success with Rocky 3.7 on a W7 machine, what SDR software is playing properly?

      Thanks and 73,
      Tony KB9YIG

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