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69070Re: Ensemble RXTX 07_RX Opamps and Output RX Promblem

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  • Taka Sugi
    Oct 1, 2012
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      Hi Jaco

      I understood you did'nt mount board in a metal case.
      So the problem is not board-case.

      > I do use Win7 and have found that it gives me a lot of times
      >the unknown device problem even after I have load the certificate
      >for the driver.

      This is very strange! Please install USB-driver again and confirm
      the driver is installed and working correctly.

      > The funny thing is that every time it happens I disconnect every
      >thing and take the soldering iron and just touch every soldering
      >poit on all the IC's and re-connect it to the pc, then it works
      >again for a while, Not sure if something gets hot and stop working

      Please make sure,
      1.*** Are you using USB by other applications at the same time? ***
      2. Current draw of RXTX by measuring the voltage of resister
      (10ohm) which is inserted between +12V power supply and RXTX.

      I also recommend to confirm by using another PC/soundcard if you have,
      and try to another SDR software: PowerSDR,Rocky.

      DE JA1TLH/Taka
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