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68797Re: Hardrock 50 driver amp relay question

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  • jim.veatch@verizon.net
    Sep 19, 2012
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      The next run of PCB's that we do will have an updated driver PCB which will add unpopulated areas for:

      1. T/R relay
      2. On board bias regulator and switching
      3. 5 element lowpass filters

      I'll try to get updated XFMR to show how to wind it 1:3 instead of 1:2 to get 10 watts output.

      The schematic for the driver is posted here:


      I know that it doesn't directly answer your question but it may shed some light and I'll be hapy to address specific issues.

      Jim WA2EUJ

      --- In softrock40@yahoogroups.com, John Williams <KE5SSH@...> wrote:
      > Chris,
      > I was working on an amp when I found out about Jim's driver board. I
      > have a schematic that is very similar to Jim's design (and very similar
      > to the amp in the Mobo). I added a portion of the circuit that feeds 5V
      > to the bias side using S12V or /PTT as well as switches a relay for
      > RX/TX. I plan to use one of those kitsandparts.com prototype boards to
      > wire this and then use molex connectors to connect it to the driver
      > board. Attached is my schematic. Since this has not been breadboarded
      > yet, it may have errors, so comments are welcome.
      > I bought 2 boards, 1 for a standalone 5W amp and one for a driver for my
      > second run amp.
      > John - ke5ssh
      > On 9/19/2012 3:11 AM, Chris Wilson wrote:
      > >
      > > 19/09/2012 09:04
      > >
      > > Has anyone written up detailed instructions for adding a transmit /
      > > receive relay to the 5 Watt driver stage kit that was recently
      > > offered? Mine arrived incredibly quickly here in the UK and I would
      > > like to get the rest of the bits together to commence finishing it.
      > > Thanks.
      > >
      > --
      > John Williams
      > KE5SSH - ham since 2007
      > WQKA523 - GMRS for family use on the farm
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