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68705rxtx doesn't transmit

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  • mkatz_08852
    Sep 15, 2012
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      Hello guys,

      I completed the build and receiver works well.

      I can't get it to transmit, though. I am using HDSDR. When I click on transmit, the software behaves as though it is sending but a separate receiver and freq ctr don't receive anything.

      I set the two sound cards as Alan instructed (I think) with RX in and TX out going to the SB and RX out and TX in going to an inexpensive dongle.

      The current draw according to the power supply is around 50ma on receive and 120ma on transmit. According to the build notes, the 50ma is a bit high. The finals are not getting hot.

      Any ideas?
      Marc WB2MSC
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