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68451Re: Using the Softrock as a Panadapter for a traditional transceiver

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  • ke4id
    Sep 7, 2012
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      Hi, Ron,
      I have a TS-590S and use a SoftRock RX Ensemble II as a second receiver and panadapter, controlled with the HDSDR and Omni-Rig software:


      Thanks to Bob, W7KWS, for the hint on using HDSDR. This software allows tracking of the TS-590S and SoftRock VFOs, as well as many other features.

      In my application the SoftRock is connected to Beverage antennas through a homemade preamp and a passive "receiver saver".

      The receiver saver I use is a T configuration, using two 22 Ohm resistors in the top of the T, and paralleled silicon switching diodes for the vertical part of the T. One of the diodes is reversed, so signals are clipped at about 0.7 volts. This T is then terminated across another diode pair going into the home-brew preamp for extra protection. Lastly, the same approach is used at the output of the preamp.

      Another approach is to use the transmit antenna for both the TS-590S and the SoftRock through a relay switching arrangement, similar to the approach used to connect the SDR-IQ in this paper (see page 3):


      On the TS-590S, you could select the RX antenna on the front of the radio. This connects the TS-590S receiver to the RX antenna jack on the rear panel. A Y-phono connector plugged into the TS-590S RX antenna jack allows the SoftRock to be connected in parallel with the TS-590S receiver. The remaining port on the Y connector goes to a relay that switches between the receivers, the TS-590S transmitter, and the transmitting antenna. Do this at your own risk! You do not want to transmit into the receivers!!!

      Another possibility is to internally jumper the RX antenna connection in the TS-590S to the TS-590S Receiver board antenna input. This would allow an outboard receiver to be placed in parallel via the RX antenna input and would allow using the transmit antenna via switching through the internal TS-590S relay. Careful, as this may void your warranty.

      Best regards,
      Jack, KE4ID

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      > > I have a new Kenwood TS-590s, and thought that one of the Softrock receivers would make a great station accessory.
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