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68280Re: [softrock40] Removing Flux

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  • Zack Widup
    Sep 2, 2012
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      I've been using MEK and Q-tips. I know there are a lot of safer
      chemicals around but I use it in a well-ventilated area. It seems to
      be safe on all non-plastic electronic parts - IC's, chip caps and
      resistors, through-hole caps and resistors, etc. I am always very
      careful around trimmer caps with plastic cases; I just carefully swab
      around the soldered contacts to get as much of the flux off as I can.

      73, Zack W9SZ

      On 9/1/12, Thomas Horsten <thomas@...> wrote:
      > Never leave the flux on. It is corrosive and conductive and can cause
      > problems if left in place. In addition a clean PCB is far easier to
      > visually inspect for problems.
      > I use Chemtronix Flux-Off, it comes in a spray can with an attached brush
      > and is a very quick and easy way to clean up the board after soldering and
      > making a mess with flux.
      > 73, Thomas M0TRN
      > On 1 September 2012 17:44, Kevin Kleinfelter <kevin@...> wrote:
      >> Aesthetics aside, is there a practical reason why I should remove flux
      >> from my circuit board, before ensconcing my RXTX in a case (where I hope
      >> it
      >> will live happily ever after)?
      >> I don't care what it looks like inside the case, but I've read sales
      >> drivel which suggests that the flux may degrade over time into a mildly
      >> conductive salt. Is this a realistic concern? If so, what do you use to
      >> wash the back side of the board?
      >> Thanks,
      >> Kevin /K4KPK
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