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68268Re: [softrock40] Removing Flux

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  • Thomas Horsten
    Sep 2, 2012
      Frankly, saving a few dollars by not buying a proper flux cleaning agent is not worth the trouble. Small amounts of toothpaste, water and whatever may become trapped under components, in cracks under solder joints etc. and cause corrosion and trouble. Proper flux cleaner is inexpensive and cleans the PCB completely, leaving no residue, and dries out in seconds.

      I'd say if you haven't used any flux other than what's inside your multicore solder you may get away without doing any cleaning. But for SoftRock kits with the many SMT components, not using flux is like trying to pick a tooth with a knitting needle. Solder bridges on surface mount chips are easily avoided by applying liberal amounts of flux, and just running the tinned tip of the iron along the edge, I'm sure it can be done without flux but one mistake and you have a very hard-to-correct situation, unless you apply some flux and touch it up.

      73, Thomas M0TRN

      On 2 September 2012 10:31, Lawrence Galea <galea_lawrence@...> wrote:
      An old toothbrush, liquid soap and water, rinse well and dry with a hair blower or in the sun.
      You may also use some toothpaste.
      Not to be used when you have trimmers and other items that can be damaged by water ingress.

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