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67830Re: [softrock40] Re: Built Peaberry SDRs available

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  • David Turnbull
    Aug 20, 2012
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      Hi John,

      I/Q balance is strictly an application problem (for now).

      All of the 40-30-20 radios I built ended up using the same TX settings
      for I/Q balance on all bands. I don't just mean all the bands are the
      same per radio, I mean all the radios were the same on all the bands!
      Zero degrees of phase shift and half a dB of level adjustment puts me
      better than -50dB. So there should be no reason to have software
      remember per-band settings for transmit.

      The RX is another story. There are variances with each radio and each
      band. Some software, like SDR# and PowerSDR, takes care of this
      automatically. Other software, like HDSDR, requires manual adjustment
      when you change bands, or you can use the HDSDR "-p profilename"
      option to save a profile for each band.

      73 David AE9RB

      On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 12:47 PM, John <greusel@...> wrote:
      > David,
      > What is the means of phase balance and is there some way for it to remember variations between bands?
      > Thanks,
      > John
      > KC9OJV
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